Bio Wall Planter

SBF Bio Wall Planter Module is a contemporary urban garden structure solution aimed to reduce the mounting pressure on shrinking land spaces for Greenery. It is our latest Bio Wall Planter Module system offering which the best in its class & kind, and makes the Green Wall installations expandable Vertically as well as Horizontally there by avoiding restrictions for want open land spaces. SBF Bio Wall Planter Modules come with independent non messy auto drip Irrigation System for simplified + concealed watering and drainage solution.

3 Box Planter

  • No Place Constraint Instantly Created Green Walls
  • Suitable to install Indoors as well as Outdoors
  • Speedy Construction & Installation of Projects
  • Vertical as well as Horizontal expansion of Bio wall Garden
  • Retention of Moisture for Plants at Optimal Levels
  • Structurally Strong & Self Supportive. Minimum need of Frame Works
  • Possibility of Plant Patterns Creation
  • Less water consumption & Individual Drainage for each Module
  • Easy Maintenance & Effortless Replacement of Plants or Modules

Geo Textile Fabric

Geotextiles enhance the performance and design life of granular layers by providing the separation & filtration function. When stone is placed directly on a soft subgrade, the imposed load often causes intermixing of two layers. This results in contamination of the stone layer and a resulting loss in bearing strength, surface rutting and deformation at the sub-base/subgrade interface


Manufactured from high end material of Polypropylene under strict norms these Drain cells can be confidently used in Agri-Horticulture areas, Floriculture, Basement Retaining walls, Pond Filtration Systems, Landscape Decks, Podium Systems and Sports Fields etc. These Draincells modules offer the Architects and Builders extensive design flexibility and wide range of applications in different fields. These Drain cells which are light weight and easy to handle are available in different sizes and heights.

Green Wall Maintenance

Green Walls require maintenance and it should be trusted and cared for by a professional maintenance team. We are Tranqwal with years of experience in vertical gardens have a team in place for regular maintenance. The team esnures that the plants are pruned, check moisture levels, soil temperatures and irrigation system are working properly.