Green Wall Maintenance

The first thing to remember with any Wall Garden is that it’s a living, breathing entity. Even the simplest, easy-to-care for yard will need watering, feeding, cleaning, and disease prevention.

If you aren’t a big fan of Garden maintenance, it might be wise to implement Garden Caring that’s easy to maintain. Indeed, Wall Garden maintenance is much more involved than the average homeowner believes. Taking few extra minutes to do the job right will pay off enormous dividends with a more beautiful Wall Garden and fewer maintenance problems in the future.


Every beautiful art begins with an idea. Our team of experts ensure we have enough consultation time to ensure the perfect coordination between our customers, construction team and our design team to make our thoughts come out in the reality spectrum. Always, properly planned and well coordinated ideas make the best finished projects and we provide all the tools required to make this a possibility.


The best designs need the best people to work with. Be it The Taj Mahal or Nalanda or The Sun Temple or Hampi or The Brihadeeswarar Temple, it requires the people on the field to complete the masterpieces in their respective realms. The same way, we have put in the right teams with continuous training and collective experience to ensure the right delivery from concept to completion. Our field team has the right attitude to comprehend, analyze and execute the installation in a timely fashion. The field teams are also trained to listen, validate and progressively adapt to minor changes during the operational phase in order to accommodate the finer nuances for those special “Eureka” moments.

Maintenance & Support

Products that live the test of time remain that way because of the care and attention provided as and when needed. Our setup is no different from it. As minimal care as our installations require, they still house living plants and components that have fluid movements and open environmental action on them. Hence, we do provide the right amount of care as required to keep thing as beautiful as they are supposed to be. In addition to our scheduled support, we also are available for on call support for those rare moments where attention is need on an ad hoc basis.